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9 Things You Need To Know About Being Ambitious In Lebanon

A cheat list for ambitious founders trying to succeed in Lebanon

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Ambition is not immutable, it is not finite. It is something you can learn to nurture. Ambitious founders develop continuous systems to maintain and grow their ambition. Below is a collection of some of the common actions ambitious founders undertake to thrive in Lebanon.


1. Generate mental space for success

Dump TV - especially all local news - you don’t need all that crap in your system.There is no room for negativity. Your mind is focused on achieving success. The headlines will get to you from your interactions with people and that will suffice. Congratulations. You’ve just earned yourself the space to think clearly.


2. Celebrate car traffic

Embrace traffic - rejoice at the 1 to 3 hours of learning that you can do everyday while waiting for the car ahead of you to move. On the FREE side of learning, you can join podcasts that feed your curiosity and hunger. On the PAID side, download audiobooks from audible at $15 per month. Whether you view that journey as a blessing or a curse, is entirely up to you.


3. Make time for SAVERS

SAVERS stands for SIlence, Affirmations, Visualizations, Exercise, Reading, Scribing (Writing). It’s a string of activities I do every morning that has helped me stay on top of my tasks. Get the book, read it and become a much better working version of yourself in a very short amount of time.


4. Stay fit while saving time and money

Ditch the yoga class that costs 25K LL and 2 hours per session. Myyogaworks gets the job done for as low as 15$ per month, giving you unlimited sessions that are as short as 5 min.


5. Harness the power of your fight or flight instincts

Remember your most elemental configuration. You’ve spent millions of year fighting or fleeing. Build on those instincts to help yourself stick through the journey of ambition. What pleasure will you get from reaching your goals? What pain will you feel from NOT reaching them? Write down those reasons and remember them, at least once per day. They will help you take the necessary actions needed to succeed. If you need help, ask our friend Tony.


6. Re-configure your own definition of risk

Is it riskier to get your cash payment from one client (your boss), who gets his from a volatile country like Lebanon? Or would you rather get your cash payment from multiple clients (your actual business clients) that get their money from all over the world. Change your definitions- change your world. My friend Tim talks extensively about this.


7. Develop Willful Blindness

In Law, “willful blindness” is a punishable crime. In life, it is a powerful survival mechanism. Develop willful blindness to the reasons why you are disadvantaged in life (restrictive passport, slow internet, etc). Focus on why you are blessed. Start with:

  1. You breathe, you were not born with cystic fibrosis,

  2. You have basic security, you were not born a few KM East where wars rage.

And build it up from there…


8. Decide today to spend more time with builders

Spend less time with people that have mostly inherited everything, and spend more time with people that are mostly building things from scratch. These people will open up your mind to the potential that lies within you and will inspire you to unlock it. Betting on the contagion of ambition to spread is a wise bet.


9. Knock down limiting beliefs

Police the asshole voice in your head that generalizes limiting beliefs, for example: “no one was ever able to build wealth without wasta”. For tips on taming the voice in your head, ask our friend Dan.


I've succeeded in building up a wall of positive energy that protects my ambition to grow positively and be successful, without being discouraged by an environment that is one of the most corrupt in the world. This wall is made up of the energy of the hundreds of creators and ambitious founders that I interact with everyday.


Cheers to them for helping us all live a more ambitious life.

What do you do to nurture your ambition?


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